The Art of Asking For Help During the Job Hunt

ImageGuest blog by Erica Moss

Everyone’s been there: Either you’re new to the job market completely because you were just handed your diploma, you find yourself unexpectedly on the hunt because of a layoff, or maybe you’re just feeling stuck in your current gig and you’re ready for a change of pace.

We all know there are right and wrong ways to approach this process, and I would argue the stakes are a bit higher when you’re in the communications/social/public relations fields because people expect you to be on-point when it comes to written and verbal communication.

Unfortunately, it seems as though some people still haven’t gotten the memo about the importance of being professional, whether you’re asking your college buddy for an introduction to a contact or sending your resume over to an old professor to review. How you present yourself in these seemingly casual encounters can positively — or negatively — influence the level of help you receive from that individual, and ultimately, your ability to land your dream job.

Here are a few easy-to-fix mistakes I’ve seen recently: Read more of this post