Komen digs an even deeper hole

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the Susan G. Komen for the Cure PR nightmare because I thought it has been already sufficiently digested and analyzed, if not overly, by many others. But the latest wrinkle makes my blood boil.

Two days after pulling grants from Planned Parenthood because Komen doesn’t fund organizations under investigation, and deleting negative reactions to it on its Facebook page, it is now back-tracking from that argument to a much more disingenuous one.

Now SGK is saying it isn’t funding Planned Parenthood because it doesn’t actually perform mammograms and breast cancer screenings, only refers women to other organizations. Read more of this post


The Potential of Pinterest

In a world of more than 800 million Facebook users, the one thing researchers and statisticians continue to “wow” marketers and communications professionals with is that photos and other images get the most likes, comments, shares and other interactions.

The world of Pinterest is now here to satisfy and entertain the visual learners among us. And since 80 percent of us can fit into this category, there is a huge opportunity to use this online scrapbooking tool to meet business goals.

I just joined this social media outlet yesterday after seeing so many others talk it up enough to convince me to give it a look.

And I immediately see how this can be a great opportunity for the creatives of the world; Read more of this post

Is video the best way to send out your message?

Could video really be the content king? I’m told it is great Google juice and I’m starting to believe it. In the past month, I have done interviews with local television media and it has caused my employer’s website to blow up – in a good way.

The interviews drove traffic to the website the day they aired but gained the most exposure the day after; when people viewed them online. The first interview aired on an NBC affiliate about an impending electric rate hike and electric choices customers could consider. The day the interview aired traffic rose 56 percent then peaked at 163 percent the following day. Read more of this post

Welcome to PR Explorer

Hello. This isn’t my first adventure into the world of blogging but this is my first go at a solo effort. Here I’ll explore my personal experiences in the public relations world and use this space as my outlet to discuss my successes, challenges and observations in this evolving industry.

A little about me. I’m a public relations professional for a residential utility advocate. Changes in government have pushed me to evaluate how I have been growing in the public relations field and how I can effectively reach consumers and educate them about utilities and how they can save money. Lately, I have been exploring social media to help me accomplish these goals. If you know of any resources or public relations strategies that could be helpful, I’d love to hear about them.

I’m excited to see where this journey here will take me. I hope you’ll join me as a chronicle my public relations experiences.