Google’s gonna get you to be a G+ user one way or another

googleEven as Google shutters popular services like its Reader, it is doing everything in its power to get people and businesses join its Google+ social media platform. The latest ploy from the most used Internet search engine affects nonprofit organizations.

On Tuesday, Google announced it was incorporating nonprofits into its Knowledge Graph. If you don’t know it by name you know it by sight. The Knowledge Graph offers mini biography about your search so you know if what you are searching for is what you really mean to be searching for. You’re most likely to get these advanced results when searching for famous people or famous places. Read more of this post


Social Slam 2012: Teaching the hows of social media

I had the distinct pleasure to make it out to Knoxville, Tennessee last Friday to learn some great social media strategy from the space’s brightest minds during the second-ever Social Slam hosted by Social Media Club Knoxville.

For me, it all started at 2 a.m. conference day when I got on the road to knock out six hours of driving to make it for the 9 a.m. start. And surprisingly, I made it through the entire conference with nary a head bob. I guess I am getting accustomed to a lack of sleep with a one year old at home.

When it all got going, I quickly realized that there was going to be so much great information and takeaways provided by the likes of Gini Dietrich, Mitch Joel, Tom Webster, Marcus Sheridan, Mark Schaefer, and more, that my brain would be full by noon. Good thing notes are a beautiful thing. Read more of this post

The Potential of Pinterest

In a world of more than 800 million Facebook users, the one thing researchers and statisticians continue to “wow” marketers and communications professionals with is that photos and other images get the most likes, comments, shares and other interactions.

The world of Pinterest is now here to satisfy and entertain the visual learners among us. And since 80 percent of us can fit into this category, there is a huge opportunity to use this online scrapbooking tool to meet business goals.

I just joined this social media outlet yesterday after seeing so many others talk it up enough to convince me to give it a look.

And I immediately see how this can be a great opportunity for the creatives of the world; Read more of this post