Feeding the content beast

Creating content is hard. It takes a lot of thought and preparation to come up with ideas for a communications program, a blog or marketing collateral.

But in the profession I am in, coming up with ideas to educate consumers happens on a daily basis. It’s not easy though; especially when those ideas revolve around a topic that not everyone is necessarily interested in for their “light” reading.

That’s why working hard to create content for your buyers/readers is of the utmost importance if you want to gain any traction in the business you are working.

The following are some ways you can feed the content beast. Read more of this post


How to tell your story when the media isn’t enough

When I get into the media relations part of communications one of the things that I keep asking myself is when I have news is ‘how can I reach more journalists and get them to “buy” the importance of my, or my client’s, news?’

Being in a niche industry, I usually get interest from all of the same players. But when I go outside of that realm, I can see those journalists’ eyes glazing over right on the phone and wondering why I am wasting their time. The thing is that topics, like utility rate increases, that affect people are important to a newspaper’s readers and it’s likely that those readers want/need to know about it.

I find that journalists at medium to small circulations are in such a bind from a financial and staff limitations perspective that they cannot devote the individual time to even consider a type of story that is so clearly out of their everyday news cycle. Read more of this post