6 strategies to find work after losing your job

coffee meetingBeing out of work is awful. No, that’s not entirely true. Feeling like you’re not being useful is awful. Not contributing to, or working towards your goals can really start to weigh down on you. And the longer it goes on, the more likely you are to have feelings of self-doubt ever finding work again.

When I found myself suddenly unemployed, I was devastated. But I couldn’t afford to stay devastated. There was too much on the line for my family and me. So I got to work right away trying to find more work. At the time, there seemed to be plenty of opportunities out there for me. I was working my network, getting calls for interviews, but nothing was sticking. No offers were coming through.

Interviewing is just like marketing. But instead of marketing a thing, you have to market you. And if you’re like me, this is extremely hard. You see, one of the things about being introverted for me is I’m not all big about tooting my own horn. I can communicate, educate, market, and write the heck out of a brand and its products and services, but ask me to do the same thing when the subject matter is me and my mind goes blank. Being your own worst critic has a lot of drawbacks.

Something had to change, and when I came to that self-realization things started to click for me. Following are six strategies to help get back to work. Read more of this post


Is video the best way to send out your message?

Could video really be the content king? I’m told it is great Google juice and I’m starting to believe it. In the past month, I have done interviews with local television media and it has caused my employer’s website to blow up – in a good way.

The interviews drove traffic to the website the day they aired but gained the most exposure the day after; when people viewed them online. The first interview aired on an NBC affiliate about an impending electric rate hike and electric choices customers could consider. The day the interview aired traffic rose 56 percent then peaked at 163 percent the following day. Read more of this post