About Me

Anthony Rodriguez is an experienced and award-winning professional who is skilled in a variety of public relations and media relations strategies. It’s my mission to create an environment conducive to educating and engaging consumers that will lead to loyal followers. I think consumers and the media alike should expect to be able to interact with a company and get a straight-forward message that avoids corporate speak and jargon. I want the people I interact with to know I care and am genuinely interested in getting them what they need and when they need it. The more people know I am a trusted source, the more often they come back get the information they need and to receive answers to their questions. It’s through this mantra that I have been building my career and reaching new levels of success.

Public relations is a process. It takes collaboration to generate great ideas, effective strategies developed through detail-oriented research, creative writing and a tenacity to execute and deliver a successful campaign. And I am constantly searching for ways to improve the process and focus on ways to augment public perception, increase trust and protect the integrity of the people, organizations and companies with whom I work. If you’re interested in working with an award-winning public relations professional please contact me.

Here at PR Explorer I will use this blog/professional website to chronicle my thoughts on the public relations world and my experiences in it. Thanks for stopping by.

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