Weekend reading: The most persuasive words in English

reading treeIt’s time for another installment of Weekend Reading. There have been a lot of great articles published this week. These few are worth taking the time with your tablet this weekend to read and digest.

1.  Does BuzzFeed Know the Secret? – New York Magazine’s feature story on BuzzFeed and founder Jonah Peretti could be the answer newspapers are looking for to solve their advertising conundrum.

2.  Understanding the Anatomy of Giving – This one is for my nonprofit friends out there. This whitepaper from SEI Private Wealth Management reveals insights into why “ultra-high net worth individuals” give and how much more willing they are to give. Hint, hint: give them a reason to form a partnership based on strategic philanthropy. (h/t David Lawson)

3.  The Most Persuasive Words in English: The Psychology of Language – It actually took me a while to get to this one, but I am glad I did. Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich has put together one of the most fascinating blog posts I have read this year. He makes a compelling case why changing the way we speak and write could make us all more effective at what we do for a living. This one is at the top of the list of the reads this weekend.

Happy reading!


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