Diversification: It’s not just for your portfolio

Operating your communications program in silos is a bad idea. But the death spawn of this shortsightedness is putting all your eggs in one basket; operate in a vacuum; living in a bubble – whatever you want to call it.

I know it seems crazy (who would do something like this?), but it does happen. When it does, it creates a business environment that is doomed to failure.

If there’s only one way for people to interact with your business, you are really asking a lot from a potential customer to find out about your products and services. It’s like using one finger to pick up a spoon. It may be possible, but why put yourself through all that extra effort when you have four more that can make the job so much quicker, easier, and effective? So make it easy for people to find you where they are looking. If you’re not, you can bet on it that a competitor is and that customer is likely going to find them first.

And just because you operate in a regulated environment or have a difficult time engaging with the media, does not mean you say nothing. You’re in business for a reason. If that reason does not include a growth plan, you might as well get out right now. Growth means gaining new customers. And you need to talk to them in order for that to happen.

We live in the age of the Internet. People are looking for answers to their problems first, long before they decide to go out to buy anything to help them with that problem. So if you don’t have an active Internet presence, it can be much more difficult to help customers find you to help them solve their problems. Combining this with traditional marketing and public relations can build a more complete communications strategy to increase your chances of being seen and earning trust from valued customers.

Whether you admit it or not, communications is a crucial part of any business. Even though we all can do it, doesn’t mean we’re all good at it. An accomplished and trusted communicator is essential to business growth to help build a comprehensive and integrated communications plan.

Don’t give consumers an excuse to think you went out of business, or worse, don’t exist because you have a “plan” to communicate only on your terms.


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