The Potential of Pinterest

In a world of more than 800 million Facebook users, the one thing researchers and statisticians continue to “wow” marketers and communications professionals with is that photos and other images get the most likes, comments, shares and other interactions.

The world of Pinterest is now here to satisfy and entertain the visual learners among us. And since 80 percent of us can fit into this category, there is a huge opportunity to use this online scrapbooking tool to meet business goals.

I just joined this social media outlet yesterday after seeing so many others talk it up enough to convince me to give it a look.

And I immediately see how this can be a great opportunity for the creatives of the world; up-and-coming chefs can make our mouths water with their culinary delights, fashion designers can show off their unique styles, photographers can capture our imaginations with spectacular shots, and home designers and do-it-yourselfers have a way to share their inspirations with all.

Marketers and PR professionals have a great opportunity with Pinterest too. Clients and their product that have visual appeal should be using Pinterest. The use of contests, marketing collections of products (think of IKEA) and more can make Pinterest a useful social tool. There’s no doubt, retail businesses have the advantage right now. But that is not to say the applications won’t expand in the near future.

Here’s a bonus: If the primary audience you market to is female you’re in luck. Eighty percent of the users at Pinterest are women.

Still not convinced? A friendly debate about its value was had over at the Spin Sucks blog last week. There’s quite a conversation held on it in the comments too.

As for me, I’ll be interested to see how this new social tool develops and how the PR and marketing professions use it to their advantages.


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