Feeding the content beast

Creating content is hard. It takes a lot of thought and preparation to come up with ideas for a communications program, a blog or marketing collateral.

But in the profession I am in, coming up with ideas to educate consumers happens on a daily basis. It’s not easy though; especially when those ideas revolve around a topic that not everyone is necessarily interested in for their “light” reading.

That’s why working hard to create content for your buyers/readers is of the utmost importance if you want to gain any traction in the business you are working.

The following are some ways you can feed the content beast.

Stay Connected

Keeping your finger on the pulse of the world and staying up to date on current events can help you develop new perspectives and create content ideas specific to the industry in which you work.

Read, read, read

I find myself invigorated with new ideas after reading a good book. It can be about anything – a zombie apocalypse, a blogprofessional development, or a biography of a great businessman. Anything will do. Great writing takes practice and reading great writing is a good place to start.

Recycle and repackage

If you’ve wrote about a topic sometime ago you can dust it off and freshen it up to look as good as new again. Taking a new angle is important though. People see right through copy-and-paste jobs. The folks at Copyblogger have an interesting perspective on this as well.

Talk to a friend or colleague

Writer’s block is the mortal enemy to a content creator of any kind. Simply talking through that block with a friend or colleague can help lead to some fantastic ideas you never would have thought of on your own.

This is just a start. There are plenty of other ways to develop content that will engage buyers and readers into looking for more. Starting with a topic that will pique their interest will open the door.

If you have a content creating idea you fall back on when your brain goes on the fritz, share it with us.


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