Is video the best way to send out your message?

Could video really be the content king? I’m told it is great Google juice and I’m starting to believe it. In the past month, I have done interviews with local television media and it has caused my employer’s website to blow up – in a good way.

The interviews drove traffic to the website the day they aired but gained the most exposure the day after; when people viewed them online. The first interview aired on an NBC affiliate about an impending electric rate hike and electric choices customers could consider. The day the interview aired traffic rose 56 percent then peaked at 163 percent the following day.

The second interview aired a month later. This time on electric and natural gas choice and the confusion that can surround being inundated with marketing and offers each touting how much better they are than staying with the incumbent. This story ended up being better than the first, results-wise. People came looking for information on this topic in droves. Google Analytics logged 150 percent more visitors looking for utility education the day the story aired. The traffic reached its highest point when nearly 190 percent more people visited the website because of the content in the story.

All of this has me thinking that if our communications team can recreate similar results by developing our own educational videos we can help meet one of our missions – to create informed consumers who can make educated choices to control their utility usage. But can video be a better educator than well-written, easy-to-understand copy?

There has to be more that made these video news stories hit the spot for us this time because it doesn’t always happen like this whenever we get television news coverage. Is it a social or psychological thing? Is it the newness factor? Is it a topic that everyone is confused about but never sought out the answers themselves until someone else asked the question?

One of the important things I have realized from this is that no matter why or how people are interested in your organization it is the responsibility of public relations professionals to take the bull by the horns and keep these people interested and coming back for more. And if video is what keeps them interested, give them what they want. It’ll pay off in the end.


2 Responses to Is video the best way to send out your message?

  1. I really fought doing video. I mean, I run a PR firm. What the heck is interesting about that? So we created the Facebook question of the week (of which you’re familiar) and it kills in Google juice. Plus, it takes about half the time to do a video than a blog post. So there is that, too.

    • I have been fighting for it for a while too. I am making progress but getting the buy-in from management has been quite a challenge. I’m hoping that if they see a prototype they will understand it.

      Gini, the fact that it takes less time than a blog post is a great plus. It will increase my case for incorporating it.

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